Environmental technology

German manufacturer of copper casting alloys, we use two technologically different types of ovens to recycle waste and residues from copper processing industries. For our annual production of 13,000 tons of copper casting alloys, we have three rotary drum furnaces and two low-frequency induction furnaces. With this furnace technology, our company is able to recycle the entire bandwidth of recyclable copper waste from industry using low amounts of energy and with a low environmental impact. By protecting resources in this way, our company makes an important contribution to the economy. We aim to constantly increase the efficiency of our energy use, as is clear from the modification of our existing gas-fired rotary drum furnaces to use LEAM™ technology provided by Air Products GmbH.

Apart from the use of pure oxygen instead of air, the emissions are also radically reduced on the raw gas side. A sensor in the furnace controls the quantity of oxygen needed for complete combustion of the fumes, resulting in savings of 25 % in the amount of natural gas required as fuel.


Protection of the environment plays an important role at our company. This is why we are fully committed to further reducing our CO2 emissions, over and above the minimum legal requirements, by continuously investing in new environmental


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