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In our company, important decisions are exclusively based on the requirements of customers. The decision taken by management in 1998 to introduce continuous casting for copper casting alloys was an example of our consistent policy of customer orientation. Our portfolio is strongly focused on our customers’ individual wishes. As a company certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, we manufacture most of our products to customers’ special requirements according to the DIN EN 1982:2008 standard.

Our high-quality alloys are used in a variety of applications:
       • as CuZn materials, capable of taking a high polish, in the manufacture of valves and fittings
       • as corrosion-resistant CuSnZn alloys for the gas and water industries
       • as a bearing material with and without emergency running characteristics (Pb/Sn bronze)
       • as a non-sparking material in the oil and gas industry (Al bronze)


This is ECOCAST:


High strength

The grain refiner in ECOCAST provides an extremely fine grain structure leading to a uniform distribution of the forces over the entire product. This results in hardness and strength – even with thin, weightreducing walls – normally only found in steel.


Better casting properties

Due to its fine-grained structure, ECOCAST is particularly suitable for components with very fine structures.


Reduced scrap

The high levels of scrap which used to accompany the use of conventional red brass for very fine structures are now a thing of the past – thanks to ECOCAST.


Excellent machinability

The special chemical composition of ECOCAST also ensures safe, precise and cost-effective  finishing of the cast parts, including machining, grinding, polishing or coating.


Outstanding corrosion resistance

The fine-grained structure throughout the material means that surface dezincification through contact, oxidation or cleaning is kept to a minimum.


The future is lead-free

Secure your competitive edge: ECOCAST enables you to design and prepare your products for tomorrow, because various countries and users already have strict regulations in place for the use of leadfree materials.



ECOCAST is suitable for both die- and sand casting. The material is standardised in EN 1982 under CC768S.


ECOCAST: the new material for sanitary installations


ECOCAST is the perfect material for sanitary applications not only in regard to future drinking water directives but also in view of today’s requirements regarding cost-effectiveness.


The high strength of ECOCAST permits wall thicknesses which can substantially reduce weight, material and costs without loss of stability. It is also possible with ECOCAST to transmit torques hitherto restricted to steel. The fine-grained structure and the absence of lead result in surfaces ensuring a perfect and aesthetic finish of coated ECOCAST parts.



Bacteria-reducing effect, lasting attractive  appearance


Parts made of the extremely corrosion- resistant ECOCAST retain their golden surface for a very long time. This surface finish, consequently, also lends itself to frequently used cast items and interior design objects. The use of ECOCAST products in, for example, clinics, medical centres and nursing homes makes it possible to raise hygiene levels, as the material exhibits high colour stability and resistance to tarnish through contact and when exposed to humidity or subjected to intensive cleaning.


The innovative cast material from MSU retains its antimicrobial effect even under tough conditions in everyday use.

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